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About Us

Ledtrader was formed by a group of business people following their joint need to find ways of substantially reducing energy costs in their various businesses. Faced with continued price rises in all aspects of energy, research on the project to reduce energy costs took place and it was agreed that the single most cost effective way to save energy was to incorporate the use of LED lighting technology at every opportunity because by using LED lighting, savings of up to 90% can be made on electricity lighting bills simply by changing current incandescent and halogen bulbs.  Two of the founder members of LEDTrader then continued the research in more detail culminating in a fact finding tour of the Far East and visiting a number of trade fairs and forging links with manufacturers who were able to offer a turnkey solution for the use of LED’s in the UK market.

The exercise to find suitable bulbs and fittings on the face of it appeared to be quite simple but in fact the reverse was true. There are many manufacturers making promises which cannot be kept and in fact, finding the right source, that could continually supply a regular quantity of product to the same specification, proved to be the biggest challenge of all. The UK is used to buying incandescent bulbs off the shelf without questioning the quality in terms of colour, longevity, certification, dimming, size and ability to fit into existing UK fittings, however the same cannot be assumed for LED’s. The number of Far Eastern companies that fully understand the UK requirements and certification for LED’s is limited to a small number and only by using the right communication skills, building relationships and being patient have we at LEDTrader been able to supply the products that we have for sale on our website.


LEDTrader has adopted a vision to ascend to being a leading supplier of LED bulbs and fittings to the UK, domestic, commercial and residential markets and as momentum increases Europe and other continents. LED technology is here to stay and the ‘Early Adopters’ of this technology are seeing vast savings in both their domestic and commercial electricity bills. We want to ascend to being a leading supplier because we believe we will help many people achieve the savings that are available right now and ultimately make them more competitive in the commercial market place and of course save money at home where energy bills are increasing exponentially. We also believe that we will be helping to reduce the carbon footprint that the UK is responsible for and leave behind a legacy of helping our planets ecology by reducing the need to burn fossil fuels. The UK’s carbon footprint stands at over 500 million tonnes of CO2 per year.


Because LED technology is relatively new and because it is not understood by the average person, there is a real need to educate the end user about LED’s. It is so important that the concept is adopted as soon as possible so that we can all get busy saving money and helping the planet as we do so. LEDTrader, as well as selling LED products feels it has an overwhelming responsibility to convert the unconverted by informing them of the benefits of LED’s compared to the use of existing lighting solutions. This website hopefully will go some way to achieving this and we hope that our customer base will adopt the same vision that we shared in forming LEDTrader.