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Easy steps to help you find the LED equivalent of your bulb

1 Take note of the information printed on your existing bulbs ie wattage[W], voltage [12V or 240V] Fitting name e.g GU10,MR16.

2 Look at the end fitting on your existing bulbs and match it with the “Choose by end fitting “ identifier on our home page.

3 Click on the matching end fitting icon and the website will take you to all the bulbs in that category.

4 You now need to select the correct bulb shape and the nearest replacement wattage value [to that of your existing bulb]

5 Click on the “More info” button to get a more detailed image and description of your chosen bulb.

6 From the drop down menu, choose [if available] colour option and if dimmable. Please note. Colour is described as:

"Warm white [This colour is similar to conventional domestic lighting that we were all used to before the advent of LED’s].Most popular 
Daylight white [This colour simulates outside daylight on an overcast day]
Cool white [This colour is brighter, sharper and more suited to bathrooms and kitchens with white fittings]

7 Finally choose quantity and ADD to BASKET